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  • Calliopean Club

    Calliopean Club

    Renown, inquisitive, curious community ~ engaging in reasonable dialogue to challenge preconceptions on politics, science, history, & philosophy.

  • Iain Broome

    Iain Broome

    Freelance writer and content designer. Author of the novel, A is for Angelica. Sender of Unslush, a newsletter for writers, readers and creative types.

  • Moira Halliday

    Moira Halliday

  • Andy Mayer

    Andy Mayer

    FRSA. Co-founder @yoomeehq & @SHFDigital. 10+ years experience #tech4good. Now on sabbatical. Volunteer prison chaplain. Disciple of #Jesus #BigLife πŸ™πŸ» ✝️ 🀟

  • SN


  • Lucy Hunter Oulton

    Lucy Hunter Oulton

  • Jez Nicholson

    Jez Nicholson

    Freelance gun for hire. Geodata, PropTech, AWS Lambda, Alexa, games systems, blue plaque open data @openplaques

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